Auggie’s New Puzzle

Auggie got this fun little puzzle set for her birthday from her Gran and we just had to share!

It would make a great Christmas gift!

Auggie has had fun making letters, numbers and even a cute little flower!

Click HERE to get one for your little! It’s a great deal at only $6.99 with free Prime shipping!

How is she seven?!?!

This girl has us all wrapped around her little finger. She is loved. She is smart. She is silly. She loves SO BIG. She is feisty and sassy. She is loud. She is like a bull in a China shop. She takes care of MinLan. She is a gift.

Without her, there may be no MinLan and no John Preston. She’s a world changer. She is deserving of LIFE. She’s deserving of every opportunity.

Don’t limit her.


Neely Jane, you are so loved.

Today you are seven.

We can hardly believe it. Seems like just yesterday we saw your sweet face for the first time and we KNEW.

We knew God had just blessed us more than we could ever deserve. ❤️