Seems like life has been throwing some tough punches lately. And I’ve lost my ability to block.

After a suggestion from my dear friend, I’ve decided to take a social media sabbatical for the month of February. As scary as it sounds, I am honestly looking forward to it. I’ll remove the apps from my phone and enjoy a relatively quiet month.

A sabbatical is a break from work…social media can be WORK…amiright!?!?!?  I want to do all the things, be all the things…but I don’t owe that to anyone. I need to learn how to have a healthy relationship with social media and for it not to take over my life.

A break feels hard for an extrovert like me! I love keeping up with everyone! I love seeing all the babies and challenges and victories.

But sometimes it’s all too much, you know? You feel surrounded by friends and yet lonely at the same time. Social media begins to feel like “REAL LIFE” and honestly it is anything but!

The comparison game is the worst. I see posts from friends, acquaintances, strangers…and I compare. Look how clean their house is and how well decorated…look at their new car or their trip to Disney. Too much time spent there has me feeling lacking instead of blessed. A break will do me good.

My prayer for the month is that God reveals Himself to me in new ways. That I turn my focus inward and love on my family without distractions.

I’m praying that I have real human interactions throughout the month instead of digital ones. I’m ready for some coffee dates with friends! Maybe I can even drag some of them to our new street taco hangout in town!

I’m looking forward to dusting off my family blog and sharing some thoughts here throughout the month of February if it feels right.

I pray that this month long break shows me what is necessary and what is unnecessary.

If I cross your mind and you want to say hello, please don’t hesitate! Email me! Text me!




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